The final Brexmas

Despite all left-dogmatic brainwashing, all threats and all intentionally falsified predictions by our insane politic and its brought into line media: Great Britain voted overwhelmingly for B.Johnson and smashed the far left-wing antisemite J.Corbyn.

The British People voted clearly pro Europe and not pro EU!!

It voted conservative not to give up its democratic virtues for a hazardous and unstable left-bound Germany-guided system-changing socialistic adventure filled with religious climate madness and an irreversible, mainly to a suicidal open-border migration and unstopped islam-growth related destruction of Europe‘s and Britain’s millenial occidental life-style and culture.

Great Britain didn’t help the USA to free Europe from the Nazi-Horror and didn’t win two World-Wars in the last Century to be tossed around and patronized by the EU and mainly by a climate -hysteric, self-abolishing German State and its communistically brought up and socialized Chancellor, who have obviously forgotten or have never understood the real values of our free western societies and our free self-determined lifestyles.

Dr. Rafael Korenzecher

( Der schöne Begriff „Brexmas“ ist eine Wortschöpfung der Cicero-Autorin Tessa Szyszkowitz )

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