„Unfair to Goliath“ — on the 55th anniversary of the victorious Six Day War

According to the Arab neighbours, the German and European Media, the nuclear bomb makers against Israel and passionate women stoners from Iran, the german president Steinmeier, Mr Erdogan, the EU, the UN, the german self-dissolution gouvernment — The tiny state of the Jews is still too big for the left and green political parties, the German bishops and all the other racist Israeli haters and upright enemies of the Jews throughout Germany, Europe and the world.

One only has to turn on the morning magazine program or other left and green Islam-affine propaganda formats with a hypocritical preference for commemoration days for good, because dead Jews and  the official German  state-financed television, to see the almost ever one-sided anti-Israel policy brainwashing comments — specially regarding the Israeli War of Survival of June 1967 – which is just 55 years old these days  – to hear the unspoken and insufficiently veiled regret, that in spite of the numerous Arab superiorities, which were armed to the teeth, they failed to destroy the physical existence of the State of Israel and its Jewish population.

Not a word about the existential threat of the small Israeli state at that time, therefore -a little further down in the text — just a few quotes from the personal Arab friends of our established german, european and Biden-US-politics, who don’t stop to complain how terribly they are  victimized by Israel:

Completely unhindered and even encouraged by the UNO and the West the presidents of Egypt and Iraq, Nasser and Aref, proclaimed already in May 1967 the end of Israel in their respective state media with a proudly inflated chest  -because it was all about the extermination of Jews, while our so called western friends remained silent.

Neither the international community nor the UN can be credited with the fact that the extinction of Israel and the Genocide to the Jewish People of Israel did not happen in those days of 1967.

They simply betrayed  Israel at that time   –  just as they would do it without any doubt and for transparent reasons  —  quite differently than in the case of Ukraine  —  same way today .

Immediately after the first saber-rattling of the Arab aggression the UN and the West abandoned Israel and gave green light for the extermination of the Jews. Of course the German chancellor of these days and former Nazi Kiesinger did not move a finger to support Israel in its existential menace in May and June 1967.

This was same way true for his successor in office, the SPD chancellor Brandt, who in October 1973 explicitly forbade the USA  –  during the Yom Kippur war attack of the Arabs  —  which was extremely threatening for Israel’s existence, to transport support deliveries to Israel through German airports.

So far to the endlessly and meaninglessly uttered „never again“ and „Israel is German’s state raison“ lies as well as similar meaningless hypocrisy more.

Israel was simply left alone in its distress in those days as it would be now. It was merely its  heroic struggle in June 1967 , why it survived,

Only the small State of Israel and the Jewish people themselves prevented the destruction of the legitimate Jewish state by their Arab neighbours and the killing of their Jewish citizens, which the Arabs  —  as they emphasized in their own words themselves – were determined to execute.

“We intend a fundamental attack on Israel. This will be a total war. Our primary goal will be to destroy Israel.“ announced proudly  Gamel Abdel Nasser, then President of Egypt on the 26th of May 1967, to add on the 30th of May 1967 the following:

“The armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon are operational at the borders of Israel, while behind us are the armies of Iraq, Algeria, Kuwait, Sudan and the entire Arab nation. “ (Gamel Abdel Nasser, President of Egypt, May 30, 1967)

Earlier, on the 18th of May 1967, Radio Cairo’s Voice of Arabs had expressed similar restraint at the instigation of Nasser:

“The only method we will apply to Israel is total war, which will end in the annihilation of the Zionist existence.“

Of course, the other Arab leaders didn’t want to stand back to finally extinct the small Jewish State, which had lost already many of its territories and the half of its capital Jerusalem during the brutal Arab war-aggression to the just established State of Israel in 1948. They joined Nasser and threatened  Israel —  of course again completely undisturbed by the UNO  – in the following way:

„I, as a military man, believe that the time has come to enter into a war of annihilation. “ (Hafez al-Assad, Syrian Defense Minister, May 20, 1967)

“The existence of Israel is a mistake that must be corrected. Our goal is clear – to wipe Israel off the map.“ (Abdur Rahman Aref, President of Iraq, May 31, 1967).

Logically and obviously deeply impressed by all this Arab love of peace, the security warantor  and oh so great friend of the Jewish people, Sithu U-Thant, in his function as Secretary-General of the UN in these days withdrew at the request of the Arab aggressors  —  and in a sense of anticipation also of the today’s UN love for Israel — his so-called “Schutztruppen”  and left Israel without international protection to its own fate.

Overwhelmed by so much UN solidarity and international consensus, Nasser cut through the economic lifeline and imposed a naval blockade on Israel with the closure of the Strait of Tiran.

In addition, in the first days of June 1967, the Arab neighbouring countries had brought nearly half a million soldiers, more than 2,800 tanks and 810 combat aircraft into position against Israel.

While Abba Eban, the Israeli Foreign Minister, tried desperately and without any success to prevent the imminent extermination blow of the Arab Alliance by diplomatic means, the famous jewish writer Kishon could only write bitterly in one of his contributions to the newspaper Ma’ariw:  “Our occasional complaints are always treated strictly objectively by the United Nations. The UN upholds the principle of equal rights for both – also called UNlaw in professional circles.“

But then all of a sudden everything went very quickly – the chronicle of the events reads as follows:

On 5th of June 1967, in order to avert its already established annihilation, Israel conducted a preventive strike against Egypt, which was fully covered by the natural right to self-defense, as laid down in Article 51 of the UN Charter under international law.

In the morning, Israeli Air Force aircraft took off and attacked Egyptian air bases on Sinai and the Egyptian heartland. In a short, efficient and decisive blow, 300 Egyptian aircraft, including bombers, fighter jets and helicopters, were destroyed within two hours.

The main threat to Israel from the air was thus eliminated. The air sovereignty of the Israeli Air Force was already secured when Jordanian, Syrian and Iraqi aircraft attacked targets in Israel.

At the end of the first day of the war, the air forces of all the Arab countries involved were destroyed. The Israeli ground forces were now able to operate in the open air. The Israeli Air Force lost 20 aircraft, 12 pilots were killed, five wounded and four captured.

The fight lasted only four days and took place in a single, continuous process. Given its quantitative inferiority, the Israeli army was aware from the outset that it had to achieve a rapid victory. Therefore, she chose a fast forward attack and did not secure the flanks and transport routes.

On June 8, Israeli soldiers under the high command of General Yeshayahu Gavish and his three division commanders Ariel Sharon, Avraham Yoffe and Israel Tal defeated the Egyptian army. The Strait of Tiran was free again and the entire Sinai Peninsula was cleared by Egyptian troops.

Under the command of General Uzi Narkiss, the Israeli army on the Eastern Front managed to defeat the Jordanians within three days. On June 8, the ceasefire was agreed.

On June 7, Israeli paratroopers under the command of Colonel Mordechai Gur recaptured the Old City of Jerusalem and East Jerusalem after bloody street fighting and freed it from Arab occupation.

Finally General Narkiss, Defense Minister Moshe Dajan and Chief of Staff Jitzhak Rabin could enter the liberated Temple Mount, which had been misused and desecrated since many centuries by a conquest mosque by cruel Islamic usurpators back in history.

In such cases of conquest Islam has always fundamentally destroyed sacral buildings of other religions and replaced it as symbol of dehumilation of the conquerred people by its own mosques.

The army of the democratic State of Israel has decided not to destroy the illegal Islamic mosque on Temple Mount which has been  abandoned by the fleeing Arabs in the course of the fighting even knowing that this mosque was built at a time of over a thousand years after the establishment of the Jewish temple just to humiliate the defeated Jews on the destroyed Jewish shrine. The jewish armies spared this fate to the Arabs. This generosity of 1967 is answered up to this day not with gratitude but with increasing physical attacks and acts of violence against the Jews, who are entering the ancient and holy Jewish Temple Mount.  

How much this Islamic show off and splurge construction was and still is a foreign body on the Temple Mount of the Jews, is also proven by the name of this building:  “Al Masqid Al Aqsa“ , which means in its translation nothing else than “the distant mosque” and reveals, despite all the Islamic lies that the world likes to chew up today, that the Muslim conquerors of the Jewish city of Jerusalem were already aware at that time, that Jerusalem was not really their home.

Without touching and destroying the completely misplaced shameful symbol of the foreign and devastating Arab occupation of Jerusalem and the subjugation of the Jews, on the evening of the same day the Chief Military Rabbi of the Israeli Defense Forces, General Shlomo Goren, ordered the Ram’s Horn (Shofar) at the Wailing Wall. The capital of Israel, divided by Arab arbitrariness, was finally liberated and reunited.

In the north, the fight against Syria, Israel’s most bitter enemy, continued until the fifth day of the Six-Day War. The breakthrough took place on the morning of 9 June after two days of fierce Golani infantry brigade under Colonel Yona Efrat. On June 10, the Syrians were finally defeated.

At the end of the six-day fighting, Israel suffered 679 dead Israelis. In addition, 2,563 Israeli soldiers and civilians were wounded. On the Arab side there were 21,000 dead and 45,000 wounded.

The reunification of Jerusalem, which is still a thorn not only for the Arabs but also for all antisemites like Steinmeier, Biden, Erdogan, big parts of the US-Democrats, the UNO, the EU and of  the left and green EU-politics , is the most symbolic result of the Six Days War.

Since King David made the city the center of his empire in 1004 BC, Jerusalem has remained the historical capital of the Jewish people – even after its destruction by the Romans in 70 AD.

Since 1948, it has been the political capital of the state of Israel, which was not recognized by German and EU-politics but by the here also reviled President Donald Trump and documented by the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem.

After the division of Jerusalem by the Jordanian annexation of 1948, which violated international law, Jews no longer had access to their holiest site, the Wailing Wall.

The Jordanians violated nearly all clauses of the ceasefire agreement concerning Jerusalem. Between 1948 and 1967, they not only desecrated hundreds of Jewish graves on the Mount of Olives, but also destroyed 58 synagogues in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City. Only one synagogue  — in fact only one of 59 synagogues escaped the fate of destruction and looting. Not a word about it in our politics and their similar public-law compulsory fee left-green ideological news filter and educational media.

Neither then nor today did our Western and local politics and their leading media take offense at the Arab aggression against Jews and the obvious atrocities and violations of international law of Jordan against the Jews.

By the way, same did other large social groups of our country, especially the churches and the one-sided so called peace-makers with the big heart and understanding of Islamic violence, Islamic racism and anti-Semitism as well as -one may say — incurable one-sided blindness for Jewish suffering committed by the Arabs and Islam.

Only since the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967 have members of all religions regained free access to their holy places, which are administered by their respective religious authorities. Of course, this particular great achievement of Israel with a unique selling point is either not addressed by our politics or even defamed.

Also the undeserved sparing and sustaining  of the islamic humilation mosque against the Jews on Temple Mount ( Al Aksa ) which exceeds any reasonable level of tolerance and good will of the Jewish People finds no gratitude by the arabs and of course no appreciation in our increasingly Israel-averse leftish and green western media. The generous Israeli gesture not to destroy in 1967 this symbol of Jerusalem’ islamic occupation  is deliberately filtered away in our media. Even worse, it led to the world-wide gladly accepted support of the racist and anti-Semitic Islamic demand to clean the Holy Jewish Temple Mount in the sense of the Nazis of all Jews and make it as Hitler demanded totally “judenrein”.

In general, despite all the current anti-racism demonstrations, hardly any of the events described above as well as almost none of the historical contexts and certainly not the „causa belli“ of the 6-day war of 1967, which consisted in the absolute and thoroughly racist extermination aggression of the Arab neighbors against the Jews, is presented rightly, objectively and correctly today in our Islam-devote, fact-distorting mainstream politics and media.

In particular, the historically unequivocally legitimized Israeli claim to its entire territory in Judea, Galilee and Samaria — also awarded to it by the UN in 1947 — with ancient Jewish cities such as Jericho, Hebron, Nazareth, Bethlehem, and above all, its eternal and undivided Jewish capital Jerusalem is increasingly denied and demonized in favour of a peace-hostile so-called „Palestinian“ identity, which was invented only after 1967 by terrorists like Arafat.  

One of the longest historically legitimized states in the world and definitely in the middle east region is still today increasingly threatened in its existence. Specially the unacceptable way how the Biden administration and the left and green ideologized EU is empowering  Islamic aggression, Israel-hatred and anti-Semitism mainly by supporting the atomic genocide ambitions of the murderous mullah-regime in Iran is a serious and major threat to Israel and its People.  

„Pardon we have won“ and „Unfair to Goliath“ wrote after the aversion of the then deadly threat the Israeli writer Ephraim Kishon .

For the present-day enemies of Israel, local and worldwide, he should have added that Israel in the future neither will give up its right to its historically legitimized territory and its since 55 years finally undivided holy and aeternal Jewish capital Jerusalem nor its right to protect its population with all its force and by any means from every attack and from every aggression.

„We don’t have Jews like Jesus anymore —- we don’t turn the other cheek!!“ ( K.Freedman ). All today’s worldwide anti-Semites and racist Jew-haters of Islamic, left-green, brown and other colors should get used to this.

Not a single killed Jew, no hero and no victim of the decades-long Israeli struggle for the existence of the Jewish state and its people is and will be ever forgotten.

Jewish Life matters!!!

Am Israel Chai!

Dr Rafael Korenzecher

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